The House You Helped Remodel Part 5: Kitchen & Family Room [PICS]

April 8, 2017

Hello friends! I finally cleaned the new kitchen long enough to actually take pictures of it. Quickly, before someone comes along flinging peanut butter, let’s talk about it! This is our third house to completely rehab so you’d think I’d have it down by now. Nope. I waded into new waters this time with marble […]

The house you helped remodel Part 4: Master Bath [PICS]

November 12, 2016

  Hello! I have many thoughts today, but none about bathroom remodeling. However, the end of a long, exhausting, emotionally draining election coincided with a similar-feeling bathroom remodel. So it’s done and I have pictures! May as well see them. You may recall we are on our third top-to-bottom remodel house. Yes, we live through our […]

The house you helped remodel: Part 3 [PICS!]

June 12, 2016

Friends, we’re a year in. It was just a wee over 12 months ago that we bought this Clampet mansion – marred with blue carpet and linoleum as it was – and started transforming it into our wonder palace. Note: hopefully you still consider it a “wonder palace” when you learn our two-year-old has gleefully potty […]

The house you helped remodel Part 2: The truth about my Mexican tiled stairs [PICS]

September 18, 2015

Today! I have been waiting for TODAY for like, well a few weeks, but it seemed like a really long time. The grand event is my wooden banister arriving. Maybe you wait for births and for the magical first day of school when you get to ditch your kid for 8 hours, but I wait […]

The house you helped remodel Part I: My mauve & silver bedroom!

August 2, 2015

We have a bedroom, people. This is quite a step up from sleeping in the stairs landing –  which was promotion from living on blue carpet, which was a catapult ride from living in the nightmare rental we narrowly escaped. So! Now that I’m in my final sleeping destination, let’s look at the pictures. Before: […]

Help me remodel this house #ToTheEdge [14 BEFORE PICS]

May 30, 2015

We finally got keys yesterday! You may recall my family of five moved across the country to L.A. from Chicago about five months ago. It meant renting at first and I lamented, loudly, with tears like a toddler, having to pay someone else’s mortgage. I got over it. It turned out I really liked our […]

How craigslist graffiti artists are making my (new!) house a home

May 20, 2015

Fun news! In a turn of events too odd and yet too banal to describe, we are getting out of our lease and into a house we’re buying. Bye, other people’s mortgages! Anyway, we happen to be buying said house from a set of tiny people with giant hearts. They built the place half a […]

I did not refinish this desk so my daughter could find a rich husband [PICS]

February 17, 2015


February 13, 2015

The curious sexism of moms and Legos I revealed the nursery I made for my younger two daughters at the new house and everyone was nice, so why all the hate o n Lego Mom? (PICS) Read more . . . Remodeling Before & After: My old house brochure v. my remodeled house [PICS!] The […]