The house you helped remodel Part 4: Master Bath [PICS]

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Hello! I have many thoughts today, but none about bathroom remodeling. However, the end of a long, exhausting, emotionally draining election coincided with a similar-feeling bathroom remodel. So it’s done and I have pictures! May as well see them.

You may recall we are on our third top-to-bottom remodel house. Yes, we live through our remodels. No, we never plan to sell the houses the minute after we complete them because they’re always our “forever home” . . . until we realize we love projects too much to stop doing them. I hope we stay here though. I love this one!

First, the “before” pictures that are so disgusting I actually deleted them from Twitter after the guy from Bath Crashers started following me. I know. Dumb. Because maybe he could have crashed my bath and saved me money and heartache. My dignity prevailed.


An oasis.



This is really a telephone booth.

And the AFTERS!! I’ll have more to add after the art gets here that I ordered.


Unicorn like, “I see things”.



Hi, here’s a picture of my toilet.




Who needs counter space when you can have a dog statue?



These two decided to dig a hole in my herb garden, so they had a 4pm bath.




I found toothbrushes to match the decor!

And that is that!

Floor tile: local vendor, Monrovia, CA – Arto concrete Conche tile (that took me forever to track down after I saw it in a pin!)

Wall Tile: Home Depot – Jeffrey Court Carerra Marble

Clawfoot Tub: Signature Hardware – LENA CAST IRON CLAWFOOT TUB 

Sink faucet : Signature Hardware – Shannon widespread cross handle faucet

Telephone Tub faucet: Signature Hardware

Vanity: Home Depot (just swapped out the hardware)

Sunflower mirror (great vote on that, guys!): a random Home Goods find

Here is the house before we did anything. Get caught up on previous projects transforming this house here, here, and here. Next up: the kitchen!

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