The House You Helped Remodel Part 5: Kitchen & Family Room [PICS]

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Hello friends! I finally cleaned the new kitchen long enough to actually take pictures of it. Quickly, before someone comes along flinging peanut butter, let’s talk about it!

This is our third house to completely rehab so you’d think I’d have it down by now. Nope. I waded into new waters this time with marble counter tops. At first I was terrified to leave a wine glass laying around and I do still police spaghetti night (marble is VERY porous and will stain if you look at it while thinking about red sauce) but I eventually loosened my grip to enjoy it.

I decided to go with two-toned cabinets this time because I made the grand mistake in the last kitchen to use all white. Two months into using it, I had scratches and vacuum-cleaner scuffs driving me nuts. So, gray on the bottom this time! So far, so good.

I’ve been in a gold mood for a year or two, so we went with gold hardware. We did more black trim, Viking 7-series appliances, and continued the black porcelain floor. The adjacent family room features art by a few craigslist artists I had spray it in stages and a layered-rug look. (It turns out layered rugs come in handy after the dog dug a hole in the bottom rug two weeks after we got it. GRRRR. She is lucky she is cute!)

Edit – Let’s talk more about the oven. I was really excited to use the Viking 7-series double oven because of the french doors. I mean, yes, it is cool and pretty and whatnot, but it’s actually not the greatest product ever made. It consistently burns half of a frozen pizza while leaving the other side doughy. Two facts to really take away here: we eat way more frozen pizza than we should and I tweet my anger.

Anyway, here are the pics of the kitchen!

A quick before & after:



And now the rest!







Can you spot the interloper?




Here is the house before we did anything. Get caught up on previous projects transforming this house here, herehere and here. Next up: The downstairs powder room!

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