Facebook moms nab a salon dye-and-dash thief

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Facebook is not all cat memes and humblebrags. It is also a crack team of mom detectives who tracked down a woman after she ran out of a salon without paying in Burbank, CA. The thief, who told everyone her name was “Ashley Monroe” (spoiler, that was lie, duh) is going to have the best hair in the clink thanks to the “L.A. Mommies” Facebook page who circulated her picture after she stole six hours worth of salon services February 26.

Six hours. Of salon services. Good God, if I spent six hours in a salon, I better come out with a paycheck.

Semantha Richards, the stylist at De Cielo salon who performed the services on the bandit’s hair, was quick to put “Ashley” on blast. Using social media for good and not just for Twitter fauxrage is 2015.

Apparently the woman came in with “train wreck” hair involving a rainbow of terrible dyes and “nightmare extensions” (a first clue that maybe this person was unsavory?) Richards toiled for six hours on the woman’s hair while listening to bogus stories about kids she probably didn’t even have, going to schools that turned out to be built on a throne of lies. Ashley then went up to pay, excused herself to go to the bathroom and ran out the door. In my imagination, she then ran into the arms of The Joker and they cackled wildly as she tossed her mane from side to side in a slow wind.

You know, thieving is wrong, but it feels especially wrong to do to someone you just spent six hours talking to. It’s like having someone yak your ear off for the entire duration of an international flight about their life as a cubicle clown and their ten children named Bob, but then you get off the plane and there is not a Bob to be seen. Lies! Boring lies!

What else is wrong about this, besides everything, is the breech of trust with a stylist. That’s like your sister, man. Stylists are better than therapists because they give actual feedback and don’t make you shut up after an hour.

The story doesn’t end well for “Ashley” because according to Richards, she was identified by a neighbor and police informed her the dye-and-dash thug is now in custody. I will update when I see a mug shot because you know it will be a beaut.


This is the security footage of the dye-and-dasher that was circulated on social media over the weekend. Nice try, “ASHLEY”.

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