The house you helped remodel Part I: My mauve & silver bedroom!

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We have a bedroom, people. This is quite a step up from sleeping in the stairs landing –  which was promotion from living on blue carpet, which was a catapult ride from living in the nightmare rental we narrowly escaped. So! Now that I’m in my final sleeping destination, let’s look at the pictures.

Before: Other peoples’ furniture (sorry, grabbed these off the real estate listing), blue carpet, beige walls, Princess Diana’s wedding dress in the form of curtains, no crown molding, only one closet. ONE CLOSET. Like settlers. Or people who share things.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.39.40 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.39.30 AM

After: Two additional custom closets (because my husband can’t have just one closet. He needs one for his clothes and the other one for his peacock plumes/hair spray), new hardwood floor, ceiling paint (Dunn Edwards Elusive Violet DE6010), wall paint (Dunn Edwards Crystal Clear DE6008), mauve curtains, black crown molding, Safavieh silver shag rug, black metal quatrefoil king canopy bed , TempurPedic mattress (save your back, kill your marriage) and a party decoration I paid $10 bucks for as a canopy. Sweet, right? I swear, I am the thriftiest glamorpuss on the planet.


I’ve always wanted a shag rug. The fact that it’s 50 shades of gray is just a bonus. Rawr.


I painted those canvases myself. Hi, I’m five and need praise. Please pat my hair.



How sexy is that crown molding, right? I’d french kiss it.


Do this: Paint your ceiling two shades darker than your walls. The room feels taller and you get to feel fancy.


The best part of the bedroom is something I didn’t have to makeover at all – the balcony. The previous owners were smart to build it so that you don’t have to wear pants to go outside. #smart



BIG thanks to Strong Hold Builders (custom closets, paint, crown molding, entertaining me all day), Sav-On Carpets & Drapery (for the flooring & drapery, duh), and whatever devil I flirted with in the pre-life to get this house in the first place.

Now, on to the four other bedrooms, five baths, kitchen and all common areas. I told you. I’ve got about a decade of work ahead. At least I have a bedroom though!

UPDATE – Someone asked about the view of the city. Not that this pic is worthy of a spot on your arm tat, but here is the other side of the balcony at night.


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