In defense of Britt McHenry (no seriously)

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As you’ve heard, previously vaguely-known/now-internet-famous ESPN reporter Britt McHenry is the latest anti-darling of America’s collective rage after video surfaced of her being a huge twat to a tow lot employee. She’s pretty. She’s blonde. She was a total asshole. And true to script, she’s now apologizing in the midst of public shame as she is suspended from her job and the Twitterverse/blogosphere/armchair nation rips her a brand, gaping new one.

I get it, her words were terrible and it wasn’t a nice way to treat another human being, but tell me, if you saw this video of your dentist muttering insults at a tow garage, would you fire him?

The internet wants Britt McHenry on a plate. Dorky classmates have popped up to “reveal” that she was aloof to them in school. A photo has surfaced of her standing next to a Sarah Palin cut out, which gives us “liberals” and so-called “progressives” famous for our compassion and championship of underdogs, license to call her vile names and make leaping assumptions about her life.

We feel like we’re on the right side of this, don’t we? Our seething, foaming rage at the conventionally attractive, Fox News-worthy persona who talked down to a blue collar worker when she thought no one was watching. But are we?

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 5.30.55 PM

Remember, this guy is still on the air.

Obviously I can’t condone what she said and I don’t think Britt McHenry would condone it either. She was a giant a-hole to the woman working at the tow lot (whose conduct sounds like it might not have been so awesome either.) Here’s the deal, though: only a very insecure person would have to put down another person in that way. Only a horribly insecure person is going to point out someone’s bad teeth or weight issues to gain an upper hand in an argument. I’m not saying Britt McHenry is a victim in this, but she’s also not seeing herself on a golden pedestal like the rest of the world sees her. Why are we putting her up there to face bigger consequences than anyone else for this misstep?

Clearly McHenry is a troubled, immature person with major self-esteem issues. She’s human. She made a mistake and calling for her job due to her conduct during an off-air moment of weakness is overkill. Tell me, would you fire your dry cleaner if you found out he lost it on a tow truck attendant who impounded his car? What if you saw that leaked video footage and instead of Britt McHenry, the person being rude was, say, your unattractive mechanic? Would you call for his resignation if he was “caught” on video muttering insults under his breath at the car impound? Maybe you’d cut him some slack because we’ve all been there just a scoch?

If everyone who got snippy at a a tow truck employee lost their job, we wouldn’t have much of a work force.

What Britt McHenry did was rude, but it wasn’t any more rude than what happens across America every day of the week. The difference is the misstep was acted out by an attractive woman in a perceived position of power. We’d never be this mad if Joe Schmo did it and to Britt McHenry, she’s just a Joe Schmo going about her day. No one cared when Alec Baldwin called his own daughter a “rude little pig”. He wasn’t fired and he said that to a 10-year-old.

It’s time to move on.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 8.06.04 PM

Remember when this guy told a cop he “owned Malibu” during his DUI arrest? What about the cop he called “sugar tits”? Or his wife, whim he called a cunt and said she deserved it when he broke her teeth while she was holding their child? Dude has had a steady stream of work the last five years.

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