Remember when I wrote THIS on men?

Jay Cutler is Not a Bad Dad for Saying He Wanted to Leave His Crying Kids
We have all wanted to run. You’re on the internet reading this right now because it’s a way to escape without going anywhere.Every single parent has had a moment like Jay’s and twenty more like it. How do you think Go The F*ck To Sleep got written?
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Would a Mom Who Refused to Give Up Her Down Syndrome Baby Be Touted as a Hero Too?
I’m not entirely convinced that a single mother would have been able to raise $331,000 in support on GoFundMe. The difference between this story and hundreds of other single parents left in the lurch with parental challenges is that the parent left holding the bag on this one is a man.
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I asked my mother-in-law how she raised such a great son
So how did my mother-in-law do it? I asked her one day and her answer surprised me. She said she never told my husband to “man up”.
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Down with man up
My friend argues girls have more choices than boys. Do they? Or are the choices girls traditionally make only good enough for girls, which is why boys can’t make them? Take for example two situations of kids bringing gender-opposite lunch boxes.
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