Reasons to vote Hillary that have nothing to do with You Know Who

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Let’s take a moment to go high. You don’t win an election by simply not being the other candidate, right John Kerry? I was so sure of his win when I campaigned for him in Wisconsin that I figured they could throw an empty chair up there and Dubya would be packing his bags.


Not how it works!

So, I think it’s time we talk about why I’d vote for Hillary Clinton no matter who the other party’s nominee happened to be. That’s right, I have my own reasons for voting for Hillary that have nothing to do with that clementine-left-in-a-hot-lunchbox-over-the-weekend who shall go nameless.

On we go!

1. Public Education. Imma let me let finish, but first I want to make a weird confession. I  never understood why the Clintons only had one kid. They have money, great health, a good support system and the ability to give any child, everything. So . . . why the one kid? I don’t know, it was just weird to me. Keep in mind, this opinion was formed in the 90’s when I also had never heard of gay people wanting to get married.

I figured out the answer to this riddle. I now see that Hillary Clinton focused her excess mothering bandwidth on other peoples’ families and children. When she first got married, she didn’t exhale and get to baby-making like I did. She actually took a harder path with less “payoff” – working in the public sector to improve schools. This is a really big deal to me.

I went to public school and turned out amazing (right, aren’t I lovely? answer silently) and just recently, I pulled my kids out of private to send them to public school. This is an issue that’s always been important and I’m really glad she’s making this a priority.

Next time you hear someone complain about having to pay taxes on all that money “they” earned themselves, remember that the labor force of those companies is made of public-educated workers. When you deal with nearly anyone  – bank teller, cashier, your kids’ teachers, law enforcement, the people who build your roads and man your libraries and cut your hair and hold the scalpel when you’re having an organ removed – they very likely went to public school. Wouldn’t it be great if public school were that much greater? Yes.


2. Women’s issues. Thing Hillary Clinton is right about: Women’s issues are everyone’s issues. She wants to tackle many work-related challenges for us, but my favorite is affordable childcare.

I was recruited out of stay-at-home-momhood into the perfect job for me. It had great hours, was right up my alley, challenged me, paid well and I got to be surrounded by very cool, supportive, funny and engaging people all day. Sweet, right? Well. I burned through two nannies and just as many daycares in a year. By the time I landed on a safe, clean, quality place to put my children, my paycheck was gone.

Were the workers themselves making a bucket? No. The rent was too damn high and I imagine the multi-tiered administration took a giant cut, plus they pay heavenly for liability insurance. They seriously had to give me an “ouch report” when a soccer ball hit my kid’s leg. Wow. How much did all that paper cost?

Also, why should companies who benefit from the talent that daycare frees up for them not contribute to daycare that makes that possible? What if companies got a tax break by subsiding their employees’ child care? What if the taxes gleaned from these businesses were the dollars subsidizing a portion of this care? There’s a lot of talent being wasted rocking a cradle. Just saying. Some of us are suited wonderfully for that, some of us don’t see the logic in being financially punished for giving birth to the next generation of the workforce.

I won’t even get into how awesome it would be to have paternity leave. Still think we’re still just talking about women?

3. Campus sexual assault. Tell me why rapes on campus are handled on campus when there’s a police department in town? I don’t know the particulars of how rape cases are handled at each school (title IX something?). I do recall when I fought off an attack from a senior my freshman year in college, the (male) RA intervened and gave me the choice of reporting it to campus security or . . . not reporting it. Here I was, two weeks into my freshman year, the scholarship kid living in the free dorm room. Did I want to make waves at the school where I so badly wanted to stay? No. Would I have made waves if the police were involved? Maybe. I was so shaken up, I didn’t think of my options.

Also, NEVER try to assault a ex-cheerleader with a bad attitude. She will fuck you up.
I’m not sure what Hillary Clinton’s specific plans are for addressing these issues, but she’s made these points her focus for many years. I hope with the power of the presidency behind her, we can get some of this solved. This is especially a big deal for me because all my kids are girls.

4. Making stuff fair for gays, muslims, black people, everyone. I can’t even believe in 2016 I have to say something like, “your skin color doesn’t make you less of an American” but apparently I do. Wow. That means we all have the same protection under the constitution meaning . . . no Stop & Frisk.

5. Mental Health. YES. PLEASE. We truly need to address the problem of mental health in this country. We need better treatment facilities, a better support system, reduced stigma. I don’t care if you take the other half of my paycheck in taxes. If every person had the medicine and therapy they need (and high quality education, workers skills or affordable college) maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess right now.

Fine, maybe Hillary Clinton isn’t your ideal candidate. We all had a chance to campaign and vote in the primaries. This is who was chosen as our nominee.  Now she’s ours. Sure,  it makes me nervous that Glenn Beck of all people is endorsing her. It rattles me that many long-standing, established Republicans are embracing her as their choice for President. She could certainly be more progressive.

BUT! We just stay involved with politics after the election. We keep our voices loud that we want her to keep leaning left. Hillary Clinton is our person, people.

The alternative:

Say hello to Mr. Orange.


PS, Say killary, emails or Bengazi in my comments and ye shall be banned. The internets are a nice, big place where you can take all that elsewhere.

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