Remember When I Did THIS Project?

The curious sexism of moms and Legos
I revealed the nursery I made for my younger two daughters at the new house and everyone was nice, so why all the hate o n Lego Mom? (PICS)
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Remodeling Before & After: My old house brochure v. my remodeled house [PICS!]
The only problem is now I’ve completely rehabbed my second house, I have nothing to do. Well. Besides raising the kids and tucking in my sock bun before PTA meetings, but I mean the kind of work that ruins my nails. So, what I’m saying is, I’ll probably move soon because I can’t seem to give up my addiction to remodeling. [Update – we moved!] Read more . . .

How to survive a kitchen remodel
Detail: I myself took the first swing with a hammer during a dinner party last Spring. It was like the end of disco. I had had enough of that damn kitchen and it was time to show my husband and all our invited dinner guests that I meant business. New kitchen OR ELSE! It was a spirited crowd-pleaser.
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Girly bathroom remodel
Lest you think I’m a rich lady for redoing all my rooms while I eat salads made of one hundred dollar bills (delicious!) please note that I am actually quite thrifty, hence buying a house that needed all this crap to begin with.
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Non-toxic spray paint + nursery PICS!
Have you ever looked on the back of a can of spray paint? “Causes cancer” and “long-term exposure will cause neurological damage” are among the warnings. Doh! Sometimes you just need a little spray paint, though, right? Say you have a 100-year-old Craig’s List baby crib you’re restoring and only Zero VOC paint will do. BUT! You’re also thinking, “it sure would be nice to just spray this puppy down and get back to shoving calories in my face”. Enter: Custom non-toxic spray paint.
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The politics of my craigslist baby crib
I know you love me, as much as an internet stranger can love a rando blogger lady. But ya’ll better back the truck up off my Craigslist crib.
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Benjamin Moore’s 9 worst pain color names
Speaking of paint names, let’s make lots of fun of Benjamin Moore’s worst paint names ever. These are real colors.
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