Remember when I wrote THIS on love & marriage?

How to annoy your wife when you’re suddenly home all day
If any of you out there start working from home, retire, lose your job or suddenly grow a second head and find yourself home with another person all the time, be sure to annoy the more domestic one by:
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A rebuttal to the “Same-Sex Marriage” brochure I found at church
Actually, as flattering as it should feel that you think the government’s role is to fawn over us soccer moms, the most critical role of government in our society is to assist those in need.
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The key to a better wife
What I don’t understand is why my husband doesn’t demand more out of me. He sees me ignoring the mail. I’ve never shoveled snow. I feel awful about these things and yet not awful enough to do them.
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What wives REALLY do when husbands go on business trips
I have a secret. It’s actually kind of fun when he’s gone.
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