Sorry about that whole “Gender Reveal Party” trend, I guess

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I read an article about the relationship between the “gender reveal” pregnancy party and the current transgender bathroom panic. I feel the very bizarre need to get this off my chest because that whole thing may have been my fault. In my defense, I just like cake.

Hear me out.

I have at the very annoying hunch I was the first person to do the gender-reveal cake or at least give a battle cry for it in a public manner. Trust me, I’d love to be disproven on this.

It was July 2008. I was extremely active on a huge pregnancy message board and I had the idea to have a party for my gender-reveal ultrasound because my appointment happened to fall on my mother’s birthday. I thought it would be cute to have her birthday cake reveal the gender of her first grand child. So I blogged about my then-novel idea (on a now hidden/deleted old blog) and I yammered on about it for months on that message board. Then I got a call from the Bump magazine and they wanted to do a spread on me, where I explained my idea of a gender-reveal party. Blog + message board + magazine = quite a bit of publicity for a previously unheard of celebration.



A fellow writer at ChicagoNow attempted to research the origin of this type of party and wrote that he came up short in finding you tube videos before July 2008. Just saying. Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t think I am. It’s actually a very annoying position to be in. Sarah Blakely invents Spanx and she’s a billionaire. I invent this century’s Happy Birthday and still shop at TJ Maxx.

Besides, it’s not like this is my only rodeo at gender issues in mass social media. I also happen to be the mom off all female children and have been writing about feministy stuff for years.

For the record, I think people should use the bathroom they identify with and gender is way overblown in the first place. TRULY SORRY. You know? Damn. Where do you think transgender people have been going to the bathroom since bathrooms were invented? You just didn’t know about it because what’s in peoples’ pants is their own business.

I just like any excuse to party. I once broke out the china to celebrate a goldfish’s birthday. Maybe someone can write a Slate article about how baking cakes for goldfish is aiding the rise of Trump. Have a problem, blame a mother, am I right? I wasn’t trying to “reinforce the gender binary” – I was trying to inject a little joy into life’s more mundane moments. Grasp every reason for cake, people. Maybe throw another party with the right color when the person transitions later in life. SEE? MORE CAKE.

Now, can we get retailers to stop with the gendered toy/bedding/clothing? I’m really tired of shopping in the boy aisle for that girl I revealed back in 2008. She’s not a “tomboy”. She just likes lightening bolts and super heroes like any kid. I guess if it’s not pink, it’s for boys. THAT is the problem  – leave delicious cake out of it.


Oooh, she’s playing Bingo and wearing neutral colors. She must be a freak of nature.

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